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40 years of history in a bowl

Ramen Takara has its roots in a small restaurant at the foot of Mount Fuji. This is where our executive chef and owner Yuki grew up, watching her father's back in a busy ramen shop beloved by locals.

Hōchinrō opened its doors in 1978, once Nobuyuki Yamaguchi had accumulated over 15 years of experience training at a respected restaurant. With blessing from his master chef, Hōchinrō’s humble beginnings grew to be a great success, leaving a lasting legacy in the region and inspiring Yuki to follow in his footsteps.

Ramen Takara, launched in 2007, carries on the traditions of Hōchinrō while incorporating local flavours and Kiwi hospitality.

We take great care in crafting tasty, authentic dishes using locally sourced fresh, raw ingredients. We aim to provide an unique experience that all New Zealanders can enjoy.

Top 10 Cheap Eats 2014-2017 - Metro Magazine
Certificate of Excellence 2016-2017 - Trip Advisor


  • Chashu Ramen $14
  • Original soy base. Extra chāshū pork, egg, bok choy, spring onion, bamboo shoots.
  • Wonton Ramen $14
  • Original soy base. Homemade wontons, chāshū pork, egg, bok choy, spring onion, bamboo shoots.
  • Tori Shio Ramen [GF*] $15
  • Sea salt and shrimp extract base. Chicken chāshū, egg,bean sprouts, yuzu peel, spring onion, nori seaweed.
  • Kotteri Shio Ramen [GF*] $15
  • Sea salt and shrimp extract base. Pork belly and vegetable stir-fry, garlic chips, spring onion.
  • Miso Ramen [V*] $14
  • Miso base. Vegetable and pork mince stir-fry, bamboo shoots, spring onion.
  • Tonkotsu Ramen $13
  • Cloudy pork base. Chāshū pork, egg, bok choy, spring onion, bamboo shoots, ginger, mustard leaves.
  • Sai-Sai Ramen [V] $14
  • Vegetarian ramen with kombu broth. Tofu and vegetable stir-fry, spring onion, sesame.
  • Kaisen Ramen [GF*] $16
  • Original soy base. Prawn, squid and vegetable stir-fry, shredded leek.
  • Tom Yum Ramen [V*][GF*] $16
  • Sour and spicy tomato base. Tofu, prawn and vegetable stir-fry, fresh coriander, egg, shredded leek.
  • Tan-Tan Ramen [V*] $15
  • Rich sour and spicy sesame base. Vegetable stir-fry, pork mince, bok choy, shredded leek.
  • Spicy Black Tan-Tan Ramen [V*] $16
  • Sour and spicy black sesame base. Vegetable stir-fry, pork mince, bok choy, shredded leek. Freshly ground sesame.
  • Kaisen Agesoba [V*] $16
  • Prawn, squid and vegetable stir-fry on crispy noodles.
  • Yakisoba [V*] $14
  • Stir fried noodles with pork belly, onion, cabbage. Garnished with bonito flakes, mayo.
  • Salmon Salad Noodles $16
  • Salmon sashimi and avocado slices on cold noodles. Mayo, nori seaweed, original dressing, wasabi.


  • Edamame Beans [V][GF*] $5
  • Organic flaky sea salt.
  • Renkon Chips [V][GF] $5
  • Crispy lotus root slices.
  • Tsukemono [V][GF] $6
  • Pickled seasonal vegetables.
  • Spicy Bean Sprouts [V] $6
  • Boiled bean sprouts, spicy dressing, shredded leek.
  • Seaweed Salad [V] $9
  • Mixed seaweed, green salad, shredded leek, mayo.
  • Crispy Noodle Salad [V] $9.5
  • Crispy noodles, green salad, shredded leek, mayo.
  • Negi Chāshū $12
  • Chāshū braised pork, green salad, spicy shredded leek.
  • Chikuzenni $10
  • Simmered Japanese vegetables and chicken.
  • Agedashi Tofu $8
  • Tempura tofu, warm tentsuyu broth, grated daikon, nameko wild mushrooms, nori seaweed.
  • Tuna Avo [GF*] $9.5
  • Diced tuna sashimi, avocado, wasabi soy dressing.
  • Pork Gyoza 6pc. $8 12pc. $15
  • Pan-fried dumplings with pork, cabbage, onion and chives.
  • Vegetable Gyoza [V] 6pc. $8 12pc. $15
  • Pan-fried dumplings with shitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, cabbage and chives.
  • Pork Belly Spring Rolls $10
  • Crispy spring rolls with pork belly, shitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots. Japanese mustard.


  • Karaage Chicken 6pc. $13 10pc. $19.5
  • Takara's famous fried chicken, salad, mayo, lemon.
  • Sweet'n Sour Pork $14
  • Deep fried pork scotch, onion, capsicum, bamboo shoots.
  • Mabo Tofu $13
  • Tofu wok fried with slightly spicy pork mince, spring onion.
  • Yasai Itame [V][GF*] $12
  • Wok fried seasonal vegetables. Add tofu for $2.
  • Sweet Chilli Prawns [GF] $16
  • Shallow fried prawns in original sweet chilli sauce, prawn crackers, shredded leek.
  • Salmon Teriyaki [GF*] $16
  • Marlborough salmon fillet 120g, green salad, lemon.
  • Salmon Sashimi [GF*] $17
  • Marlborough salmon sashimi, fresh wasabi, lemon.
  • Beef Tataki $17
  • Seared rare beef, shredded leek, onion chutney.
  • Tuna Tataki $19
  • Delicately seared tuna with wasabi vinaigrette gelée, flying fish roe, shredded leek. Served chilled.


  • Steamed Rice [V][GF] $3
  • Mini Charshu Don $6
  • Chāshū pork and shredded leek on steamed rice.
  • Mini Takana Don [V] $5
  • Takana mustard leaves and shredded leek on steamed rice.
  • Fried Rice [V*][GF*] $12
  • Chāshū pork, egg, spring onion.
  • Takana Fried Rice $14
  • Takana mustard leaves, chāshū pork, egg, spring onion.
  • Sweet'n Sour Omelette Don [V] $13
  • Omelette on steamed rice, sweet'n sour sauce, shredded leak.
  • Teriyaki Chicken Don [GF*] $14
  • Teriyaki chicken on steamed rice, salad, mayo, sesame.
  • Teriyaki Beef Don [GF*] $15
  • Teriyaki beef on steamed rice, salad, mayo, spring onion.
  • Teriyaki Tofu Don [V][GF*] $13
  • Teriyaki tofu on steamed rice, salad, sesame.


  • Hiyashi Chuka $16
  • Chilled homemade noodles with zesty soy dressing, chāshū pork, cucumber, bamboo shoot, wakame seaweed, bean sprout, egg and ginger.
  • Zesty Chicken Reimen [GF] $17
  • Chilled konjac noodles with spicy sesame dressing, chicken breast, roquette leaves, cucumber, tomato concasse, avo and lemon.

  • [V] Vegetarian (Ovo) [V*] Vegetarian Optional
  • [GF] Gluten-free [GF*] Gluten-free Optional (surcharge)

Ramen Takara Browns Bay


11:30am to 3pm
5pm to 10pm

Kitchen closes at 9pm,
at 9:30pm on Fri & Sat

4 Anzac Road, Browns Bay
Auckland, New Zealand

09 476 6041

No same day bookings.